Wed Sep 2018

Introducing PLAYRMAKR

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  • Wed Sep 2018
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New Name. Focused Vision.

I’m excited we can finally announce our new company name and brand vision to everyone!

We truly believe in the value of building a great brand and the effects it can have on recruiting top talent, working with celebrities and influencers, and differentiating products in a crowded market. To provide a little more insight, below is a little background on what it all means and how we got there:

2017 has been a big year for the company. We closed our first venture funded investment round in February of this year, and it was really the first time since Danny and I began the startup journey that we’ve been able to plan strategically with more than a couple months of runway in the bank. After a few attempts trying different concepts in the content and fantasy space under the name SWOL – Sports Without Limits, we felt we needed a more appropriate name and brand identity to represent the clear mission we were funded to address – redefining the sports mobile gaming and competitive eSports space.

A creative process is not always a straight forward exercise, but we were lucky to have Proxy leading us through its entirety. In addition to being a VC firm and an investor in our last round, Proxy doubles as a design studio that has experience creating top consumer facing brands, including gaming giant Supercell.

The process began with a mood board strategy session to dig a little deeper into our company’s history, the type of culture we ultimately want to create, and the characteristics we look for in team members. It was fun going down memory lane a bit but even more exciting lasering in on our company culture and team values.

After we established a strong brand story and identity, the naming process began with a fun team Post-it note session where we basically covered our office walls with any word we could think of with respect to sports, gaming, top performers and adjectives we liked. The naming process was by far the most difficult and frustrating part of the process considering all the different legal hurdles, spelling variations and language issues to keep in mind.

We wanted a name that was strong, easy to understand and spoke not only to our history but also to our future. Ultimately, we arrived at PLAYRMAKR for various reasons, but primarily because it:

  • has a nice dual meaning for sports and gaming
  • creates a customer centric culture focused on the player
  • speaks to our belief that we will turn a lot of casual sports fans into gamers
  • resonates with our plans around community, celebrity involvement and eSports
  • touches on our founder backgrounds in international soccer helping “make players” as former agent and former scout plus Danny’s journey from professional player to game maker

Once the name was settled on, we moved on to the process of choosing a logo and establishing brand guidelines. This was the most enjoyable part of the process and it’s where we had the most fun by involving our friends, professional soccer players, investors and just random beer drinkers at local pubs to solicit feedback.

The final round came down to a simpler version of the logo with the two words stacked on top of each other or a slicker, more energetic, and futuristic version of PLAYRMAKR. Option two won the vote hands down, and we couldn’t be happier about the results:

Next steps:
Our  new website is live and now the fun begins of building brand awareness and continuing to attract the type of talent that believes in our vision. As part of this process, we are making available to the public our PLAYRMAKR brand story and the values we look for in team members.

Thanks again to Proxy and the team.